Sustainable Montessori-Style Toys

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Natural toys that spark creativity, joy and imagination - no screen time here!

Improving Children’s Environments

Giving parents the educational tools to raise their children in a positive, healthy environment.

Minimizing Packaging

We will reuse packaging that we receive from our own suppliers whenever possible, ensuring that as little new waste is created for each shipped order. 

Ethical Products

We source products that are manufactured to the highest standards and are produced ethically in a sustainable way that support local communities. 

Education & Safety First

We promote time tested learning methods, such as Montessori-style toys, real world role play, and other toys and tools that promote innate creativity and imagination.

Toys for Every Child

We believe in trusting kids to follow their instincts and in not limiting their creative play – that’s why you won’t find boy/girl categories on our site.