About Kidissimo

We’re striving to source natural and educational toys ethically from the world’s best manufacturers.

We are enthusiastic and adamant about raising our kids in the best environment possible. This means providing educational and natural toys that go back to basics in the best way possible, giving children the tools to use their creativity and imagination, while preparing them for real-world situations.

Our commitment to raising our kids in the best environment possible extends to protecting our planet and sourcing and producing toys in sustainable ways. One supplier, PlanToys has been creating wooden toys for over 40 years, using only excess wood from latex production. We strive to seek out innovative partnerships and products that conform to our ethical standards regarding environmental stewardship.

    Our Store

Via dei Faggi 8
Montepulciano, SI
53045, Italia

Phone: +34 3483634104
Email: kidissimotoys@gmail.com

    Store Hours

Monday-Saturday 9am–5pm CET

Commitment To Quality

Improving Children’s Environments

Giving parents the educational tools to raise their children in a positive, healthy environment.

Minimizing Packaging

We will reuse packaging that we receive from our own suppliers whenever possible, ensuring that as little new waste is created for each shipped order. 

Ethical Products

We source products that are manufactured to the highest standards and are produced ethically in a sustainable way that support local communities. 

Education & Safety First

We promote time tested learning methods, such as Montessori-style toys, real world role play, and other toys and tools that promote innate creativity and imagination.

Toys for Every Child

We believe in trusting kids to follow their instincts and in not limiting their creative play – that’s why you won’t find boy/girl categories on our site. 

We recognize that parents today are overloaded with options but want to see their children develop to their potential in a safe, natural environment. We cut through the clutter and offer only products we know are safe, produced ethically and to the highest safety standards, and place an emphasis on time-tested, educational methods.  We support every child’s physical, social, intellectual and social well being through play – a child’s most important job. Let us offer the tools to help them succeed!