Wooden Bird Walker


Cruise through early developmental stages with the PlanToys Bird Walker! This toy can help develop fine and gross motor skills while encouraging children to walk on their own two feet. The handle is adjustable to fit various heights.

The Bird Walker comes with 2 birds, 10 color and 6 natural wooden blocks. When pushed, it creates a unique sound which encourages kids to walk. In additional to the adjustable handle, a friction knob helps the toy adapt as your child grows and becomes stronger.


Go natural with this sustainably-produced wooden walker that will engage and delight your child as they work on their walking skills. The moving bird parts will capture their attention in conjunction with the click-clack sounds that motivates kids to keep moving. With adjustable sizing and friction levels, this toy will grow with them as they learn to cruise around the house.


27.4 x 36.3 x 48.4


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